Sunday Morning Before you get out of bed in the morning do you go over in your head what you need to do that day, I mentally list all of the jobs I have to do. I’ve been doing that for the last hour and I still haven’t moved, in fact I feel exhausted […]

Special Birthday

I’ve been dreading this birthday since the beginning of last year. The first thing I thought of in January 2017 was next year I’m going to be sixty, how did that happen where have the years gone. I wasn’t even 59 when the anxiety started to creep in, well I hit 59 last February and […]

A quiet day

  I’m sitting in bed with my lap top my view consists of tree tops and roofs. Today it is surprisingly bright with lots of lovely natural day light flooding in. It would be a great day to take photographs for Instagram as the light has been so poor recently. But today has to be […]

A little reflection

  Last time I sat at my laptop talking to you the sun was shining but unfortunately today I can hear the rain pounding on the windows. I’m happy to be warm and cosy indoors let’s hope this is just a heavy shower. Writing this post has given me the opportunity to reflect on everything […]

A busy few months

It’s a lovely morning and the sun is streaming through my window, I feel really happy to be sitting at my lap top composing this blog post. It has been a while but I’ve been keeping up with you all via my Instagram and Facebook page so I have been around. I’ve started to feel […]

Grown up days

This week has been full on business which sort of gets in the way of creativity but can also be fun. My list of must do’s for the week included my tax return, advertising workshops and dates for our Crochet Afternoon Teas. I have been quite productive I’ve almost finished my tax return, D day […]