Another year and less of the empty promises………….


My blogging mojo disappeared in 2016 after being a prolific blogger, I used to post most days but last year my engagement with you all became nearly non-existent. My sporadic posts always promised better things to come but I failed to deliver. My social media presence hadn’t completely vanished I still managed to post on Instagram and a little on Face Book. To add a little bit of colour I’ve shared a montage of my favourite makes of last year, I was quite busy behind the scenes.

I have really missed blogging, I’ve tried to understand what has changed and I think it must be my time. My business has grown and because of my health restrictions something had to go and that seems to have been blogging. I’m lucky that lots of my blogging world friends have become Instagram friends so I haven’t completely lost touch. The beauty of Instagram is that it’s pretty instant and not very wordy, blogging needs more thought and time but as I am sitting at my computer I am loving the feeling of sharing my thoughts with you. It’s not quick but it is feeling good and I think I am rekindling a spark and I hope my blog will bear more fruit this year.

Last year as well as running crochet workshops and teaching beginner crochet lessons I ventured into the world of planning bigger events. This all came about over coffee with my friend Carole, we often discussed ideas for possible business ventures and one afternoon we began to explore the idea of organising crochet afternoons. The seed germinated and in July we had our first Ladies Crochet Afternoon which was a great success, we even had some press in Crochet Now magazine. In December we hosted a Christmas Crochet Afternoon Tea which was so popular we had a waiting list. Plans for more events during 2017 are already well on the way and we are hoping to have seasonal events throughout the year.

As well as the events I’m hoping to concentrate more on my pattern writing, I often have a play with yarn and hooks and make my own designs but I am terrible at writing my patterns down, they become very much a one-off. This year helped by a lovely project diary from my friend Carole I’m hoping things will change.

I also have a few ideas for new crochet workshops but if this area of my work increases I may have to re think how I structure my beginner crochet classes as they are currently run over 3 consecutive weeks. Lots to think about which is exciting but can also be daunting as I do have a tendency to over stretch myself. I will take this one step at a time and will keep in touch one way or another.

Just taken a peep out of my window and it’s so very grey, rainy and cold perfect for the afternoon I have planned. I’m looking forward to some sofa and crochet time. I’ve just started the Moorland Blanket  the Cal was released yesterday. I love Lucy’s work and have already completed a number of her beautiful blankets, I’m sure lots of you are joining in with the Cal and I hope you can do the same this afternoon.

Talk soon



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