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I have already talked a little about my commission for the Knitting Network which I was thrilled about. But this week has been incredible, it started with a little Q & A on the Knitting Network Blog and then on Monday the yarn pack was advertised so that everyone could get themselves ready for the first pattern installment due out on Thursday. The yarn pack sold out on the first afternoon and sadly lots of people were very disappointed. However, the fabulous people over at the Knitting network worked really hard to get more stock in, it did arrive quickly and by Wednesday afternoon more yarn packs were available but unfortunately they also quickly sold out, which is unbelievable. It must be so hard to predict how popular a yarn pack will be, I know more stock is on order.

The first part of the blanket pattern went live yesterday which included a list of materials this will hopefully help everyone who has had difficulty sourcing the yarn, and if you are like me you may have some suitable colours in your yarn stash. Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed an interest in starting my Cal and I hope you all enjoy making the blanket as much as I have.

Last night I checked out the Knitting Network  Facebook page and it was so lovely to see that a number of you had made a start and shared some really pretty pictures, I can’t wait to see more.

I have written patterns before but this has been my first blanket and I have never been involved in a Cal. It has been an exciting week but also quite stressful, I felt dreadful when people were getting upset about the yarn pack. I’m hoping that everything will settle down now that the yarn information is in the public domain. As this is a first for me I have been surprised how much work goes on in the background to enable patterns to be released, the Knitting Network do a great job providing us with so many free patterns.

I had been looking forward to some relaxing crochet this weekend but would you believe it I have developed a really painful right arm, I think it might be tennis elbow. Well, whatever it is I am going to have to completely rest from crochet. I initially put it down to knitting as I had started a cardigan and was frantically trying to get it finished for Easter, so I reluctantly put that to one side. But it’s no better and crochet seems to aggravate it. Not sure what I’m going to do with myself now but I hope you all have a great Easter Weekend and have sometime to spend with your crochet.


Talk soon




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