A little reflection


IMG_3457Last time I sat at my laptop talking to you the sun was shining but unfortunately today I can hear the rain pounding on the windows. I’m happy to be warm and cosy indoors let’s hope this is just a heavy shower. Writing this post has given me the opportunity to reflect on everything that has been happening over the last six weeks or so. I’m always pleasantly  surprised how much I manage to achieve.

I finished the pattern for my Summer Crochet Event and after worrying about it for weeks, everyone loved making the round cushion, most people went on to make two. The event wouldn’t have been such a great success without the amazing people at Love Crochet who kindly sponsored my project and provided lots of beautiful Paintbox chunky yarn in lovely pastel colours. If you would like to make your own cushion the pattern is free on the Lovecrochet website, you can download it over here.


The day was lovely; Carole and I work really hard to make everything as perfect as possible. Our theme was a lovely summer’s day with glasses of fizz, sandwiches, raspberry trifle and cakes galore. The tables were decorated with flowers, marshmallow pops, sweets and lots of lovely yarny treats. In addition to the amazing Cushion project everyone had a special goodie bag to take home.


This was our 4th event and each time we have more and more people wanting to attend, we are already completely booked up for October when we are running our Autumn Crochet Afternoon Tea. It’s such a lovely way to spend an afternoon and I love seeing my patterns come to life.

Last time I posted I had just finished writing my Posy + Petal pattern which was very exciting.  The pattern is available as a download here on Lovecrochet  and you can also purchase a Posy + Petal yarn pack which we have put together using lovely pastel Paintbox cotton DK. Lots of people expressed an interest in making the Woodland Creatures so I decided to organise some small Amigurumi workshops. I advertised 3 workshops to run throughout July and I finished the last one on Saturday. I think they have been my favourite workshops and I’m so delighted with the lovely little Petals that were created on the day. I’m sure Kate will be pleased at how popular her little Woodland Creatures have become.


I enjoy all the workshops I run but I especially like the smaller group sessions which I run at home where I can make the table extra special with lots of goodies and pretty things to take home. The Posy+Petal workshops were so popular I  still have a few people on my waiting list so I am going to run at least one more in late September.

I have had a little time away from teaching and my favourite make that was just for me has been another bag using some lovely yarn from Woolandthegang. The yarn is Billie Jean and I’ve made the “Get Lucky Bag” which was really easy to make, the sort of crochet project that you can curl up with on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a good box set playing. It’s going to be great for shopping. I’ve also made a fab little coin purse for my holidays using Tina Tape yarn which is a fabulous yarn, so silky and smooth.


I’m also writing my own bag pattern which is a small fun bag with pom poms. I am beginning to be over run with my samples as I keep tweaking the design. With a bit of luck the pattern will be ready by next week. I am going to put little kits together so that you can buy everything you need to make the bag in a variety of different colourways.


August is going to be much more of a family time month, as it’s the school holidays I will get lots of opportunities to spend time with my grandchildren. I also have a few trips to London planned to catch up with Kate. So no workshops or crochet lessons this month but I can’t completely switch off from crochet as behind the scenes I am planning the Autumn Project, Carole and I have spent hours choosing yarn and colours I think we have almost got it sorted but that’s a secret!

You may see me busily crocheting on the train when I’m off on one of my visits, no better way to pass the time. I think I have caught up with you and shared all of my projects hopefully catch up with you in September.


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